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LET US CHANGE OUR MINDSET The gang-rape of a young woman in the national capital shook urban India. In the surcharged atmosphere there was more anger and less reason. Impatient young people demanded not only instant justice but also the death penalty and chemical castration, which were clearly out of…

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UNDULATING BEAUTY OF PRISTINE NATURE     Wake up at the break of dawn and see the mesmerizing sunrise…Breathe deep as you take a stroll in a park and feel the fresh fragrant air fill your lungs…Discover vibrant colours as you walk through the flowers…Dip your feet into peaceful lakes,…

Modification in class 12 English Core for 2013-14 onwards by CBSE

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Posted by admin on July 6th, 2013 CBSE has issued a notification to all the affiliated school about some modification in class 12 English Core syllabus. the long reading text / novel – ‘Lord of Flies’ by William Golding prescribed for class XII English Core subject in the CBSE Curriculum 2014 and 2015 has…

Updates from CBSE for Class XII – Class 12 English Core Exam includes Value Based Questions

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Posted by admin on July 6th, 2013 CBSE class 12 English core syllabus for 2013-14 has been modified. Now there will be some value based questions in the exam. The provision of assessment of speaking and listening skill has been removed. The new modified syllabus has been uploaded in myCBSEguide.com. In class XII…


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Visit the site and get updated about the latest CBSE marking scheme for Class- X English Communicative. http://media.mycbseguide.com/files/10/englishA/syllabus/2015_syllabus_10_english_A.pdf?Signature=lGJVi2roJVOkrj9rvKTO8UpCjiQ%3D&Expires=1370666644&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIUU7QLRROL6JEIPA

Total Recall

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  Source – www.educationtimes.com Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 As students prepare for the exam season memory training expert Shalu Bhambri provides tips       Speed reading   Reading is the basis of all learning. Move your index finger as you read. This increases reading speed and enhances…

Be Confident

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  Source – www.educationtimes.com Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013   With the CBSE board exams on March 1, Geetanjali Kumar, CBSE counsellor, offers last-minute tips to students on how to cope with stress and be best prepared.   All set for the show. That should be the right spirit….

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 CHILD LABOUR Even as India gallops toward First World status with its booming economy, roaring stock market and rapid progress in autos and steel–it is still a giant back-yard sweatshop to the world, full of underage boys and girls working to earn a living. The Menace of Child Labour •…

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  TRAVEL TIME  Tourism has become a flourishing trade around the world and the prime source of earning foreign exchange. Some of the countries are thriving only on tourism. It also gives an opportunity for cultural exchange and generating employment.   Drawbacks of Tourism in India:   Lack of infrastructure….

Important Literature Ques.

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The Enemy   Q. What appears strange to Sadao at the end? Why?   At the end Sadao is not able to understand why he could not kill the stranger. He makes him escape without letting anyone know about it as he was facing a dilemma throughout regarding the POW….